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Aputure Infinibar PB12

The INFINIBAR PB12 is a 4-foot RGBWW LED pixel bar for cinematographers and lighting designers. Featuring an infinite blending design with intuitive mounting and connecting options, advanced connectivity methods with wireless CRMX connectivity, and industry-leading pixel density, the INIFINIBAR PB12 excels in building and creating unique, colorful designs that bring scenes to life in new and exciting ways.

As a rectangular linear LED light, the INFINIBARs can be infinitely and seamlessly connected end-to-end with no visible gaps between lights, opening up new creative possibilities for filmmakers, whether hidden in scene or used as in-camera practicals on set. Create seamless pixelated effects across the PB12’s 96 RGB pixels, or across multiple pixel bars with the 10 splicing connectors* to create a range of shapes.

From flat and 3-dimensional triangles, hexagons, squares, straight lines, to spinning 3-point, 4-point, or 6-point stars, the design and configuration possibilities are infinite. Connect multiple linear pixelated lights with the 10 splicing connectors* on the back of each INFINIBAR to fit the needs of your production, and even share AC power across multiple lights.

Featuring 96 RGB light engines per foot, the pixel mapping INFINIBAR PB12 has industry-leading pixel density, second only to the Aputure MT Pro. Access 7 built-in Pixel FX, independently control the 24 pixels via Pixel Control on Sidus Link, or up to 1,024 pixels across multiple lights with Sidus Link’s all-new Magic Infinity FX feature, allowing you to shape, position, and adjust the length of your light in any way imaginable, giving you over 42 feet of creative lighting control right at your fingertips.

Meer info in de winkel of op de Aputure website.

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