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Product Catalogue

Always ask for a price offer, as we offer mid/long-term rental rates, kit-pricing and student discount – conditions apply.


ARRI Alexa 35
ARRI Amira
DJI Ronin4D 8K
Sony Burano
Sony PXW-X500
Sony FX6
Sony FX3
Sony A7s MKIII
Sony PXW-Z90
Sony PDW-F800
Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4.6K
Canon XF-405
GoPro + accessories
Sony RX0 + accessories
HorusVideo Jicam Camera Kit
Marshall camera Kits


Sony FR-7
Sony RM-IP500
Panasonic AW-UE160K
Panasonic AW-RP60
Canon CR-N500
Canon CR-N300
Canon RC-IP100


Sachtler 150mm tripod system
Sachtler 100mm tripod system
Sachtler 75mm tripod system
Sachtler VarioPed 75 + Cine75 head
Easyrig Vario5(strong) Stabil
Easyrig Minimax
Panther Multi Mount Suction kit
Prosup XL suction cup
Adicam Standard+ filmcart
Adicam Max+ filmcart
PROSUP Tango TED motorised slider
PROSUP Tango Roller Kit + compact track (extension)
Slidekamera motorised slider
Slidekamera X-slider
Panther Husky Dolly with Bazooka/Seats/Extension Platforms
PDC Kolibri chair dolly
PDC Laptop dolly
PDC Omega straight track 1.75m or 1.50m
P+S Technik Skater Mini dolly + accessories
Transport Peli Cases


Sony 16-35 F/2.8 GMII E-Mount
Sony 24-70 F/2.8 GMII E-Mount
Sony 70-200 F/2.8 GMII E-Mount
Sony 24-105 F/4 E-Mount
Sony 18-110 F/4 E-Mount
Sony 28-135 F/4 FF E-mount
Sony FE GM prime 6-lens kit E-mount
Fujinon MK 18-55 T2.9 E-mount
Fujinon MK 50-135 T2.9 E-mount
Canon Cine Zoom 17-120 PL
Canon Cine Zoom 25-250 PL + extender
Canon Cine Zoom 15-120 PL + extender
Fujinon Cabrio Zoom 85-300 PL
Fujinon Cabrio Zoom 19-90 PL
Zeiss Superspeed MkI PL
Zeiss Superspeed MkII+III PL – TLS rehoused
Zeiss Supreme Prime 6-lens Kit PL
Duclos 11-16 PL
Angenieux Type EZ-2 S35/FF (15-40 / 22-60) – E + PL
Angenieux Type EZ-1 S35/FF (30-90 / 45-135) – E + PL
Leica Summicron-C PL lens Kit
Canon HJ11e x 4,7B IASE
Canon HJ17e x 7.6B IRSE
Canon HJ22e x 7.6B IRSE
Fujinon A36x10.5 BERD + extender + zoom-focus remote
Canon HJ15x8,5 KRSE-V (HD)
Tokina Cine 100mm MACRO EF
Canon 16-35 F/2.8 EF
Canon 24-70 F/2.8 EF
Canon 24-105 F/4 EF
Canon 70-200 F/4 EF
Canon 70-200 F/2.8


Aputure 300X
Aputure 600C
Litepanels Gemini 2×1
Litepanels Gemini 1×1
Litepanels 1×1
Litepanels Astra x6
Arrilite 2000W
Arrilite kit 3x650W / 3x800W
Arri Jr. Plus 1000W
Filmgear 575 DL Par BIB
Filmgear 1200W DL Fresnel
Flimgear 2500W DL Fresnel
Dedolight kit
Compact camera light
Chimera, Black Flag, Diffusion, Reflection, Skylite,
Blue/Green key, Stands, Wind-up


Zaxcom ZMT3.5 kit + QRX200 + RX200
Sennheiser AVX
Sennheiser EW G4
Sennheiser XSW-D
Sony UWP-D
Ambient Lockit
Deity timecode kit + slate
Tentacle Sync-E
Tentacle Track-E
Zoom P8 Podtrak + studio arms + Shure MV7
Zoom H6
Sound Devices 633
Sound Devices Mixpre-6
Sound Devices 302
Sennheiser boomkit (MKH30+40, MKH-60, MKH-416, MKH-418)
Kenwood 4 walkie kit
Hollyland Solidcom wireless intercom
Lavalier mic kit (single/dual ch.)


BlackmagicDesign Video Assist 5
TVLogic VFM-056
TVLogic VFM-058
TVLogic F-5A
SmallHD Ciné5
SmallHD Ciné7
TVLogic LVM-171s
Atomos Sumo19SE
Teradek Bolt6 1500LT + panel antenna
Teradek Bolt6 750LT
Teradek Bolt4K 1500LT
Teradek Bolt4K 750
Teradek Bolt 500
Teradek Bolt 300
SmallHD RX directors kit with Wireless Video (Teradek)
Atomos Shogun 7 monitor/recorder
Video Devices PIX-E7 monitor/recorder
BlackmagicDesign ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K
BlackmagicDesign Hyperdeck Extreme 4K HDR
Sony MCX-500
Sony J-30 SDI
Sony JH-3
Sony PDW-F1600
Sony PDW-U2
Sony PMW-RX50
converters/switchers : all major brands and formats
Tablet prompter
Cuescript 10.5″ prompter
Cuescript 17″ prompter

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