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ARRI Impression Filters

ARRI is launching its new line of Impression Filters with eight Impression V Filters that give a vintage feel to Signature Prime and Zoom lenses. The four negative and four positive diopter filters incrementally shift the focus characteristics of the image, allowing a range of detuned looks to be created for Super 35 or large format with one set of Signature lenses.

Attaching to the back of Signature lenses via the built-in rear magnetic filter adapter, they alter the appearance of out-of-focus image elements. Known as bokeh, these elements play a significant role in the emotional impact of images. All bokeh is affected by the Impression V Filters, but it is particularly noticeable in background highlights, which get more of a “donut” effect (bright around the edges) with negative filters, and more of a “bauble” effect (brighter in the middle) with positive filters. In general, the positive filters have a nostalgic, glamorous feel, with swirly bokeh, glowing skin tones, and softer backgrounds; while negative filters have a grittier look, with inward-pulling bokeh and intense, vibrant backgrounds. In this sense they are much more than filters—they are additional optical elements that detune the lenses in a controllable way, whether the goal is to adjust the focal plane by making skin tones even more gentle and forgiving, or to create a particular mood with unusual focus characteristics

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