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Sony Burano

Sony announces “BURANO”, the newest addition to CineAlta family of high-end digital cinema cameras
BURANO combines outstanding cinematic images and exceptional mobility for single camera operators and small crews.

Sony is pleased to announce the new BURANO camera as part of the CineAlta lineup – the company’s top line of digital cinema cameras. The new BURANO features a sensor that matches the color science of the VENICE 2 and is specially designed for single-camera operators and small crews. This camera combines exceptional image quality with high mobility and is the world’s first¹ digital cinema camera with a PL-Mount to feature in-body image stabilization. In addition, the compact housing includes for the first time both a thinner-than-before electronically variable ND filter structure alongside the optical image stabilization mechanism, a technological feat never achieved previously. When removing the PL lens mount, the camera can be used with E-mount lenses and supports fast hybrid AF and subject recognition AF, even perfect for fast-moving subjects.

Full Frame 8.6K Sensor
Multiple Image Scan Modes (up to S35 cropped 4K 17:9 for HFR 120p)
16 Stop Latitude
Wide Colour Gamut
Dual Base ISO
Internal 16-bit X-OCN LT and XAVC H recording
Dual CFExpress Type B card slots
E-Mount and PL Lens compatibility
Anamorphic Lens De-Squeeze function
In-Body Stabilisation (IBIS) with PL mount lenses
Electronic Variable ND Filter
Fast Hybrid AF (AI Subject Recognition)
Small and lightweight @ 2.9 kg

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